Top Canadian mobile stories from the past week

iPad Pro rear

Every week we bring you the latest in Canadian mobile news. Listed below is a quick overview of the top stories from the past seven days.

  • Comparing iPhone and Android experiences: every phone is a compromise [Read here]
  • Sony reveals full PlayStation Classic lineup, including Metal Gear Solid [Read here]
  • Rogers vice chairman says wireless consolidation in Canada is ‘inevitable’ [Read here]
  • Canadian Tire brings ‘Self-Serve Pick-Up Towers’ to Canada [Read here]
  • iPad Pro (2018) Hands-on: Most significant update yet [Read here]
  • MacBook Air 2018 Hands-on: It’s finally here [Read here]
  • Bell, Telus beat Rogers in latest ‘State of Mobile Video’ report: OpenSignal [Read here]
  • Toronto-based Interaxon announces the Muse 2 [Read here]
  • Videotron to launch ‘Helix’ IPTV platform in 2019 [Read here]
  • Here’s what’s coming to Netflix Canada in November [Read here]
  • OnePlus 6T Review: Little changes [Read here]
  • 46% of Canadian gamers most often play on mobile [Read here]