Google kills Newsstand in the Play Store, but it lives on in Google News

It offered users access to news apps and digital publications

Google News Newsstand section

Google removed its Newsstand section from Google Play as it consolidates its news products under Google News.

The writing was on the wall for Newsstand after the search giant shut down the News & Weather app.

Now, Newsstand is gone from the top and side menus in the Play Store. Further, going to the Newsstand URL will redirect you to Google News.

Newsstand previously held collections of news apps and digital issues of several print publications and magazines.

However, if you were a fan of Newsstand, don’t fear. It hasn’t entirely disappeared. Instead, Newsstand now exists as part of Google News.

While not the same offering, it does streamline Google’s news products into one convenient location, making it easier for users.

Source: Android Police