Fossil Sport is a colourful Wear OS watch with Qualcomm’s new 3100 chip

Fossil is slowly starting to perfect the Wear OS game

Luxury brand Fossil has released a new smartwatch called the Fossil Sport that features Qualcomm’s new 3100 wearable processor.

Integrating the 3100 chip means that the watch’s battery life is expected to last over 24 hours when it’s in ‘smartwatch mode’ and it lasts over two days when set to watch-only mode.

The watch is the lightest and most colourful option that Fossil offers, with eight new colours: ‘Blush,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Grey,’ ‘Light Blue,’ ‘Black,’ ‘Smokey Blue’ and a ‘Neon’ colour that is more or less yellow. Sadly, it appears that only six colours are available for Canadians to buy.

Fossil is selling other bands in more colours for $35 CAD, so Canadians do have some alternatives.

The watch is stepping up fitness tracking with the new version of Google Fit, GPS and activity tracking. Further, the new Fossil Watch Sport is swim-proof.

The smartwatch also comes pre-installed with Spotify, and it supports Bluetooth 4.2 low energy, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and NFC — so it supports Google Pay.

The wearable looks sleek and Fossil’s solid hardware mixed with the new version of Wear OS might mean that this watch could be a surprisingly popular Wear OS device

The smartwatch starts at $335 CAD, which pushes it into a rather expensive price bracket, but it’s still cheaper than the base model Apple Watch Series 4.

Source: Fossil