Twelve South’s new MacBook Air case looks fantastic

It's expensive, but it is real leather at least

Twelve South is known for making awesome looking Apple product accessories, and the company upholds that reputation with the new ‘Journal’ for MacBook.

There are two versions of the Journal, one for the new MacBook Air and another designed for the MacBook Pro 15-inch.

The outside of the case looks like a leather bound book, which is Twelve South’s signature style. It’s made out of cognac full-grain leather from New Zealand on the outside and features a microfibre interior lining.

The Journal folds open with your notebook which means you don’t have to take it in and out of the case everytime you want to use it. There’s even a small tab at the bottom that reveals a pocket to store papers under the computer when it’s pulled open.

The 13-inch case costs $149.99 USD (roughly, $198 CAD) and the larger model is priced at $170 USD (roughly, $223 CAD).

Source: Twelve South