Toronto transit riders will soon find themselves on 55 new hybrid buses

Toronto is getting serious about its transit emissions

Quebec-based bus manufacturer Nova Bus has made a deal with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) to deliver 55 hybrid buses sometime around the end of the year.

This shipment of buses is part of a larger deal between the TTC and Nova Bus to supply the Toronto with a mix of 55 hybrid buses and 270 clean deasil models. The TTC has been testing a few Nova Buses since 2017 to see if the hybrid buses meet its standards.

“The Government of Canada is investing in efficient public transit systems to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality,” said Adam Vaughan, Member of Parliament for Spadina–Fort York, in a November 20th press release.

The incoming buses are LFS HEV models which are equipped with electric motors that are powered by an onboard battery. Even the doors, HVAC and power steering all run using electricity, according to a recent press release.

That said, it still uses a gas engine as well.

Source: Nova Bus