Shoppers will soon scan and shop on Loblaws’ new self-checkout app

Only five stores will have the service in the GTA as of now with three more in the region later

Loblaws is rolling out a self-checkout app

Loblaws is rolling out a new app that will allow customers to shop and scan items reducing wait times when checking out.

The company will test the feature, called “shop and scan,” at five grocery stores in the Greater Toronto Area, and later at three more locations, reports the CBC.

To use the app, customers have to download the PC Express app and connect to the store’s free Wi-Fi. They can then scan items before putting it into their shopping cart.

Loblaws said some stores will also provide a digital scale to weigh produce before scanning the item into the app.

At the end of a customer’s shopping trip, the app will generate a digital barcode that will have the total cost, which they can then use to pay at a cashier or a self-checkout counter.

The CBC reports that Loblaws is also planning on creating an in-app payment system so customers can avoid checkout counters altogether.

Walmart Canada implemented a similar checkout feature but it was not very successful with customers.

Source: CBC