New database ClickSpend analyzes Canadian online shopping habits

The database will help brick-and-mortar stores find new ways to break into online markets

Environics ClickSpend database

Environics Analytics has partnered with J.C. Williams Group to introduce a new database product called ClickSpend.

ClickSpend will enable retailers and shopping centre developers and owners to see what customers buy in-store and online. They can look into the information across 14 categories, including clothing, health products and food.

Further, Environics will model the survey estimates down to specific geographic areas to provide actionable insight into online shopping habits in neighbourhoods.

“For the first time in Canada, brick-and-mortar retailers will be able to assess the opportunity and potential competitive threat posed by online channels and shifting shopping habits,” says Michele Sexsmith, senior vice president and practice leader for retail, real estate, and entertainment at Environics.

ClickSpend data will come from J.C. Williams’ Canadian E-tail Report, a semi-annual online survey. The J.C. Williams Group runs several cycles of the study, encompassing more than 7,500 national respondents.

Additionally, the survey’s 14 categories represent $343 billion in household expenditures, excluding services. $41 billion of that occurs online.

The survey’s categories are a subset of the estimated $1.15 trillion Canadian households will spend this year. About 11.9 percent of expenditures tracked by ClickSpend happen online.

According to ClickSpend data gathered so far, the average Canadian household spends an estimated $2,748 on online goods each year. Households B.C. spends the most, at $3,369 and Quebec spends the least at $2,236.

While the amount of online spending is relatively consistent, what Canadians buy differs from region to region. For example, apparel makes up 28 percent of Ontario’s online purchases compared to 23 percent for Quebec. More than 5.6 percent of all grocery purchases, including alcohol, happen online. That’s about 20 percent higher than the national average.

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Source: Environics