Adero is a smart tracker that lets you know if you’ve left your bag behind

The company is looking to make sure you don't forget anything ever again

Adero, a new product and company that’s grown out of what used to be Trackr, aims to be the most intelligent device tracker on the market.

The Adero is a system of devices that work together to keep track of your bag and the important things within it.

The central portion of the Adero is a smart tag that goes on your bag and lets you know where it is with an app. On top of being a tracker, it notifies the user if they leave their bag behind. If you schedule in the app when you generally go to work or other events Adero sends push notifications to remind you to take the bag with you.

Adero goes beyond that by adding what it calls ‘Taglets’ to the items inside of your bag. The idea is to add Taglets to the important items inside your bag so that the main Adero device can tell what’s inside your bag and what’s missing.

You can even hit the button on the main Adero Tracker, and if it lights up red, it means that items are missing from the bag. If it flashes green instead, this indicates that everything is where it’s supposed to be.

The main Adero Smart Tag has a rechargeable battery that is rated to last around two months on a single charge.

The Adero Starter pack goes on sale on Adero.com starting December 3rd, and it costs $119 USD (roughly, $160 CAD). The starter pack comes with three Smart Tags, three Taglets and a charger for the Smart Tag.