New website uses AI to remove backgrounds from photos

Remove.bg site

Remove.bg is a new website that uses artificial intelligence to remove backgrounds from photos.

Once an image is uploaded, the site will automatically detect any people in the picture while cutting around the background, all within a few seconds. This will allow you to download a PNG containing only the actual people in a photo as desired.

With simple images, the tool works very well. With not a lot going on in this Better Call Saul photo, the site is able to cut out Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy with little trouble at all.

Better Call Saul Jimmy

It also can pull out Josh Brolin’s Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War very well.  Avengers: Infinity War Thanos

It’s not without some hiccups, though. As you can see in this meme from a classic Spider-Man cartoon, Remove.bg wipes away some of the webslingers’ arms and feet.

2 Spider-Men meme

The website also only recognizes photos with one person in them. In some cases, it may pick up on objects as people, which can also limit its functionality. This seems to be what happened with Final Fantasy VII‘s Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Despite being the only person in the photo, it appears as though Remove.bg had mistaken his Buster Sword for a second person.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cloud

If you don’t care about completely perfect image cropping, though, then this is definitely a quick and easy solution. On Twitter, Benjamin Groessing, creator of the site, says improvements to the site, as well as an API, are in the works.

Via: The Verge


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