Facemoji keyboard gets new Bumblebee AR Emoji ahead of movie release

Along with the new AR Emoji, there are new Bumblebee stickers

Bumblebee AR Emoji

Paramount Pictures has partnered with Chinese search provider Baidu to bring ‘Bumblebee’ Transformer stickers and AR Emoji to the company’s Facemoji keyboard.

Starting December 21st, the nearly 400 million Facemoji users will be able to download the new stickers and AR Emoji. Further, this coincides with the release of the new Bumblebee film.

There will be two new Bumblebee-themed sticker packs for Android and iOS. The packs contain characters from the upcoming movie, including Optimus Prime, the titular Bumblebee and more.

Bumblebee Stickers

The AR Emoji allows users to take on the visage of the famous yellow Transformer. Similar to Apple’s Animoji or Samsung’s AR Emoji, Facemoji overlays Bumblebee’s face over your own. Further, Bumblebee’s face moves in sync with yours.

The partnership is a first for Baidu, which has previously released AR Emojis for its Facemoji keyboard that aren’t related to movies.

For example, users can enjoy pizza, pineapple and even Donald Trump AR Emoji through the Facemoji keyboard.

Facemoji keyboard is available free on iOS and Android, and users can download AR Emoji and sticker packs like the new Bumblebee options, among several others, through the keyboard.