Tile to integrate ‘finding technology’ in Bluetooth Low Energy chips

You may soon be able to find your headphones with Tile

Tile Sport

Tile has announced partnerships with several Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip manufacturers to include its technology on their chipsets.

This means that companies will be able to leverage Tile’s ‘find technology’ in Bluetooth products with ease.

Tile partnerships already include Qualcomm, Dialog Semiconductor, Silicon Labs and Toshiba. Further, agreements will see Tile references designs integrated into chips.

Additionally, part of the Qualcomm agreement involves making Tile part of the Extension Program for voice and music. The program integrates features directly into its audio platforms to reduce development time and make more features available for licensees.

Tile also announced partnerships with Sennheiser, Sol Republic, Plantronics and Soundcore by Anker. These four companies will release Tile-enabled products in the coming months.

These products will join existing Tile-enabled products like Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones and Skullcandy Venue headphones.

Overall, it’s an excellent move from the company that will provide more people with painless solutions to deal with lost and found.

Tile’s other products offer users options to find items they’ve lost, such as wallets, keys and more. Integrating that technology into headphones is a natural next step.