LG teases smartphone with touchless gestures

The South Korean firm will unveil a new smartphone on February 24th at Mobile World Congress

LG is teasing a new smartphone with touchless gesture-based navigation.

The South Korean firm will announce the device on February 24th in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress, according to a recently released video teaser (seen below).

It’s possible the device LG plans to announce is either an entirely new lineup of smartphone or the company’s latest G-series entry. The G8 leaked earlier this month to little fanfare.

As Engadget and several other websites and commenters have noted, the gesture-based navigation LG is teasing here sounds a lot like the Air Gesture tech Samsung premiered (and subsequently abandoned) with the Galaxy S4. In his review of the Galaxy S4, then MobileSyrup managing editor Daniel Bader called the feature “superfluous and half-baked.”

Here’s hoping what LG shows off on the 24th is more compelling.

Source: LG