Lightning’s new Strike electric Motorcycle is up for pre-order

There are still no images of the bike, but at least the pre-order is refundable

On January 18th little known electric motorcycle company Lightning announced the Strike e-moto and now it’s up for pre-order.

The Strike starts at $12,998 USD (roughly, $17,232 CAD) and Lightning says that it has a top speed of 240km/h plus a maximum range of 240km.

There are two versions of the bike up for pre-order right now. A reservation for the standard version costs $500 USD (roughly, $668 CAD). There’s a more expensive carbon version that costs $10,000 USD (roughly, $1,336 CAD).

The carbon version of the bike is just the standard version of the bike with all of the potential add-ons and trim upgrades. But thankfully, both the $10,000 and the $500 deposits are fully refundable.

It seems odd that the company is asking for pre-orders before it’s shown off what the bike looks like, but its costcompared to Harley Davidson’s LiveWire might help it move some units.

Source: Lightning


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