Boston Dynamics’ new robot is a giant package-stacking bird

Scary, useful or both?

Boston Dynamics Handle robot

Not content to create small intelligent robots that will eventually destroy us all, Boston Dynamics has now created a large bird-like automaton for use in the workplace.

The robot, which is a new version of the ‘Handle’ bot first revealed two years ago, has a set of wheel-equipped legs and a neck-shaped arm sporting suction cups.

The updated model is able to move objects from point A to point B using an “onboard vision system” that can identify items through a QR-like code.

Altogether, Boston Dynamics says the neck can lift objects that weigh up to 15kg (33lbs). While bearing a load, the Handle’s neck will be stabilized thanks to a larger base than its predecessor.

Based on a video provided by Boston Dynamics, the Handle can even stack objects in near-perfect alignment with one another.

It remains to be seen what other scary animal-like robots are in the works at Boston Dynamics.

Via: Gizmodo