Apple has reportedly cancelled its iPhone-powered AR glasses

Apple supposedly had big plans for them

Apple has terminated its augmented reality glasses project, according to a report from DigiTimes.

The AR glasses, while not ever officially confirmed by Apple, were rumoured to launch sometime in 2020.

Apple initially began to publicly reveal its AR efforts in 2017 with its ARKit platform, with subsequent unconfirmed reports stating that the tech giant was working on a standalone AR headset.

Eventually, reports indicated that Apple was working on AR glasses, rather than a dedicated headset. Supposedly, these glasses were to have their own operating system and connect to an iPhone, similar to an Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, they were rumoured to have various biometric and light sensors to track detailed face movements and anatomical gestures. In theory, this would allow for all kinds of app features, such as tilting one’s head to move through a holographic photo album, helping enhance sight for the visually-impaired or even hiding secret documents.

Assuming Apple has indeed nixed its AR glasses, it’s unclear exactly what might have led the tech giant to do so. The company has yet to comment on the DigiTimes report.

By all accounts, Apple appeared to be all-in on the product, between a supposed secret AR-focused team, various patents and its August 2018 acquisition of a startup focused on the design of lenses for AR glasses. Further, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been openly bullish about AR as a whole, stating in early 2017 that the tech is “a big idea, like the smartphone.”

As it does every year, Apple will reveal the next iPhone this September, so it’s possible it will reveal more about its AR initatives during that keynote.

Source: DigiTimes Via: VentureBeat