Google Pixel 4 reportedly spotted on train in London

It's in some kind of weird case too

Pixel 4

A savvy Android fan spotted the Google Pixel 4 on a train in London.

The 9to5Google reader caught a glimpse of the phone in what looks like a case. Further, the device in the image also seems to feature the Google Pixel 4’s rumoured camera bump and three lens layout.

While the case obscures most of the phone, it does look like Google has placed a microphone on the back of the device to help with video audio quality.

9to5Google was sent a few leaked images of the handset a couple of weeks ago (seen below). Previously, leaked images of the device featured no cover over the camera, unlike these new photos.

Since Google is releasing the phone in a few short months, keep your eyes peeled in Toronto. Last year a few MobileSyrup readers were able to spot the Pixel 3 XL being used around the city by Google employees before the device hit store shelves.

Image credit: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google