Huawei registers ‘Harmony’ for its mobile operating system, trademark filings show

It appears that Huawei wants a third name for its in-house operating system that has the potential to be used on many platforms, including smartphones.

Around mid-July, publisher LetsGoDigital (in Dutch) found that the Chinese telecom giant has registered the name “Harmony” for unspecified mobile operating systems in the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the Intellectual Property Office in the United Kingdom.

Other than “Harmony,” Huawei also registered two different names: “HongMeng” and “ARK.” The first one appeared in trademark databases in countries such as Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Cambodia, and Peru, while the latter showed up at the EUIPO.

While Huawei was perhaps registering names just for the sake of having them, its proprietary operating system could bear different names in different regions for better marketing towards the local culture.

For instance, “HongMeng”(鸿蒙) works better for the Chinese market because it’s a term from ancient Chinese text Zhuangzi (庄子) that refers to a mist encompassing the mythical primordial world.

In a way, “HongMeng” carries the meaning of formless energy and vitality, which may translate to vast potential for development and a crusade to greatness.

In comparison, “ARK” speaks better to the western audience because it might have drawn inspiration from the Noah’s Ark, which signifies a rebirth from the catastrophic event like the flood or, in Huawei’s case, the U.S. trade embargo.

Source: LetsGoDigital