Tesla shares autopilot incident report for Q2 2019

Tesla is trying to show off how safe its vehicles are

Tesla has shared new data showing how often its vehicles get into accidents when Autopilot is engaged.

Autopilot is Tesla’s semi-self driving system capable of navigating its vehicles on highways and other straight roads. It can also change lanes, and in the future, the company claims it will ultimately drive Tesla’s vehicles without any human input.

While we’re still not ready for full self-driving, Tesla is sharing its Autopilot incident reports to help build public trust regarding the futuristic feature.

The latest report is for the company’s second-quarter of 2019. It states that Tesla registered “one accident for every 3.27 million miles driven in which drivers had Autopilot engaged.” This number comes to roughly 5.26 million km.

To put that number into context, Tesla also shared how many accidents drivers got into without Autopilot.

When Tesla’s active safety features are enabled, the cars got into one accident for every 2.19 million miles (roughly 3.52 million km). The most common accidents happened when all of the safety features were turned off and drivers were operating the car. In this scenario, there was an incident every 1.41 million miles or 2.26 million kilometres.

The last time we cited one of Tesla’s reports was in October of last year. At that time there were even less crashes with Autopilot engaged.

Since then, the accident statistics have fluctuated but still remained low.

Source: Tesla