Slack’s updated desktop app uses up to 50 percent less RAM

Slack app icon

If you depend on Slack for work, good news: Slack is updating its desktop app to make it faster.

In a new blog post over on its official site, the company claims the latest version of its desktop app launches up to 33 percent faster. Additionally, calls are faster, says Slack, which allows users to call one another up to 10 times more quickly.

Best yet, the new desktop app uses up to 50 percent less RAM, which Slack promises will make the app feel smoother in day-to-day use.

Lastly, in instances where there’s an on-and-off internet connection, Slack will now allow users to continue reading through their channels without a connection error message appearing.

Slack says today’s update will roll out over the next few weeks. A notification will inform users if they’re running the updated version.

Source: Slack