Get Koodo’s Refer-a-Friend credit — no friend required — on July 30

Celebrate International Friendship Day with this Koodo deal

Koodo international friendship day

In celebration of International Friendship Day, Koodo is offering the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ credit to anyone who signs up — no friend required.

Typically, Koodo customers can share a unique link with friends and family. When they use it and join Koodo, both referrer and referee receive a $25 bill credit from the Telus flanker brand.

However, on International Friendship Day — July 30th — that all changes. Anyone who signs up with Koodo on that day gets the $25 Refer-a-Friend credit, according to a banner on Koodo’s website.

Ultimately, it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially if you’re looking to switch but don’t know anyone on Koodo that can refer you.

Further, Koodo is currently waiving the $35 connection fee when activating online, so if you couple that with your Refer-a-Friend credit you can save as much as $60 when switching to Koodo.

You can learn more about the International Friendship Day deal on Koodo’s website, or learn about the Refer-a-Friend program here.


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