Tim Cook confirms an August Apple Card rollout in the U.S.

Apple Card

During Apple’s recent Q3 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple Card will launch in August in the U.S. Previously, the tech company only said that the credit card would launch sometime during the summer. Since there are only two months left in the summer, an August release date makes sense.

Cook also mentioned that Apple employees are currently testing Apple Card, corroborating past reports that said Apple retail and Goldman Sachs employees were testing the card.

It’s possible Apple plans to release its new credit card in Canada, as well. On July 15th, Apple filed to trademark ‘Apple Card’ with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. CIPO formalized the trademark on the 19th. However, that doesn’t mean that the Apple Card is coming any time soon. 

For example, Apple previously trademarked Apple Pay Cash in Canada; however, the company has yet to roll out the service here.

Source: Bloomberg Via: 9to5Mac