Nanoleaf Canvas update brings ‘Touch Actions’ commands to HomeKit devices

Tile-based interior LED lighting kit Nanoleaf Canvas now supports ‘Touch Actions’ — a new functionality that simplifies and expands the current touch system that also works with Apple HomeKit.

With the update, users could trigger specific behaviour through Touch Actions, which supports commands like a single press, double press, or a long press instead of relying solely on an app.

They can also map three different controls for each LED tile of the entire Nanoleaf Canvas apparatus, which allows establishing a highly-customized control scheme over a HomeKit-laden household.

Moreover, Nanoleaf offers a dedicated Nanoleaf Remote for HomeKit that senses which side is facing up and adjusts the scene accordingly. Because the remote itself is a 12-sided controller, users have 12 settings to choose.

The LED lighting kit is available on retailers like Amazon.

Via: AppleInsider