It looks like Team Rocket Leader Giovanni is coming to Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go is really ramping up this Team Rocket takeover event

Pokémon Go has had an eventful summer so far with Team Rocket taking over some PokéStops, Shiny Rayquaza raids and the game’s third anniversary. Now, it seems like Team Rocket’s leader Giovanni is going to be popping into the game, too.

Trainers at the Yokohama Pokémon Go Fest in Japan have been seeing the notorious evil-doer popping up to photobomb their Pokémon Snapshots.

Before the Team Rocket Grunts began entering the game, they were photobombing as well, so it seems like Giovanni is making the same kind of entrance.

The other hint that foreshadows the boss’ arrival is a tweet from when Team Rocket took over the official Pokémon Go Twitter account.

So far, Team Rocket has taken control of a large swath of PokéStops and Grunts are battling trainers. It’s unclear what Giovanni will bring to the table when he arrives into the game, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some sort of mix between a Gym battle and a Raid.

Source: Pokemon Go


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