Tesla brings back unlimited free Supercharging for Model S and X

Tesla is bringing back the unlimited Supercharging perk for customers who purchase a new Model S or X.

The company announced the feature’s return on its Twitter account, noting that all new Model S and X orders come with free unlimited Supercharging.

It isn’t the first time Tesla has offered free Supercharging. It was available on its Model S and X vehicles until 2017. CEO Elon Musk, however, said the perk was “not sustainable” and after January 2017, Tesla restructured the offer.

From that point on, new drivers got up to 100kWh of power, or about 1,609km of charging per year, before having to pay a small fee.

Tesla has rolled out the perk a few times in different ways, such as referral codes drivers could give to others that granted unlimited charging. However, that ended earlier this year.

It appears the perk’s return comes as a way to encourage customers to spring for Tesla’s more expensive — and profitable — options. At the end of July, Tesla revealed it had lost $408 million in the last quarter, likely due to slowing Model S and X sales.

Source: Twitter

Via: The Verge