Bungie is finally going to fix the Pursuits tab in ‘Destiny 2’

Bungie will split the quests and bounties, and PC players will be able to set a hotkey to open Pursuits faster

Destiny 2

Bungie is finally working to fix Destiny 2’s ‘Pursuits’ tab.

In a lengthy blog post about the state of the game, Luke Smith, the franchise’s director, wrote that Bungie would revamp Pursuits in the fall, making significant changes including separating bounties and quests. Further, Smith wrote that PC players would be able to assign a hotkey to jump directly to the menu.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Destiny 2 included an in-game menu that displayed a list of all the quests and other things players were pursuing — hence the name. When the game first launched, players could find this often critical information in the character menu, along with other essential things like gear and inventory.

However, Bungie moved Pursuits in 2017, giving it a tab next to the Map in the ‘Director,’ a hub of sorts for destinations and activities players may want to travel to or complete.

The change was not welcomed by fans, who complained about the difficulty of navigating the new Pursuits menu compared to the old systems. For my part, I found getting to the new Pursuits menu unnecessarily tedious. Players often need to check the list to see quest progress, or how many items they need to complete to finish a bounty or countless other things.

Destiny 2 new Pursuits menu

The game lets you ‘track’ up to three Pursuits which you could access at any time by pressing tab. But if you wanted to keep an eye on more than three things, you need to open the Director and click over to the far-left ‘Pursuits’ tab. Not helpful.

Ultimately, it seems like the changes Bungie has planned will help fix a lot of the problems present with Pursuits. By and large, Smith’s blog explores a lot of the lessons the Destiny 2 team learned in the last few months of content.

It looks like a lot of those lessons will translate to changes for the game going forward and, hopefully, that leads to an even better Destiny 2.

Those interested can read the full blog post here.

Source: Bungie Via: Polygon