Facebook reportedly hiring veteran journalists to curate news for News Tab tool

Facebook Android app

Facebook is hiring a “small team” of veteran journalists to curate stories for its upcoming News Tab on its mobile app.

The new feature is set to be tested out later this year. The New York Times said in a report that most of the articles will be generated algorithmically, but that the top stories will be curated by 10 journalists.

This tab will be separate from the general feed, says the report.

The social media giant has experienced difficulty presenting news at a timely pace and also faced accusations that news from conservative publications was being surpressed. The trendings topics section was removed last year.

In the new move, Facebook intends to hire full-time employees, and is also “willing to pay select publishers millions in order to feature their stories,” The Verge reported. The publication indicated that most of the team will be based in the U.S., with one reporter based in the U.K.

Source: The Verge, The New York Times