Tesla showcases custom-built AI chip to enhance its self-driving programs

This new CPU is 21 times quicker than its old Nvidia chip

Tesla will soon offer more firepower to support its self-driving systems through a new custom-built AI chip shown off at the Hot Chips conference in California.

This AI chip will be 21 times quicker than the previously used Nvidia model featured in its current cars. It will also be cheaper to produce than the old chip, making it a win-win situation for the electric car company.

Tesla aims to use this chip to pull away from the competition by not only making their cars more advanced but safer in the process.

According to one of Tesla’s chip designer Ganesh Venkataramanan, each of its vehicle’s computers will feature two of these custom AI chips.

Having two chips will protect against any failures that the car may have if a sensor or camera malfunctions by chance.

The chips also work together in pairs to make an assessment rather than operate as one entity.

So, if one chip does not agree to an assessment the other chip has made, the data is thrown out and restarted.

Essentially, this means that while one chip suggests what the car should do next, the other chip will provide a second opinion to either agree or disagree.

Overall, this chip will propel Tesla to reach its targets for self-driving systems where its vehicles can be used on local roads and obey stop and traffic signs.

It will help ensure greater safety with autonomous vehicles by lessening problems that may arise.

Samsung is handling mass-production of the CPU and it will be packed into newer vehicles starting from now.

Tesla is offering to upgrade its older models.

Source: CNET