Spotify’s Instagram Story sharing feature fixed in iOS 13

Update 09/10/19: The feature to share Spotify songs to Instagram Stories on iOS 13 has been fixed and is now working.

If you’re viewing an error when you try to share songs from Spotify to Instagram Stories on iOS, you’re not the only one.

Everyone in the MobileSyrup office that has an iPhone and has upgraded to iOS 13 (even the most recent 13.1.2 update) has received an error message when trying to share songs to the image-sharing social media platform.

The error message reads as follows: “Oops. Sorry, we couldn’t share to Instagram Stories, try again later.”

It’s worth adding that our reporter Aisha Malik (@AiishaMalik1), who running iOS version 12.4.1 on her iPhone XR, tried sharing a song to Instagram and it worked fine.

While it isn’t clear what is causing the issue, it could be a bug in iOS 13, which launched with a number of issues. 

Others are also experiencing the same issue, according to an ‘Ongoing Issues’ post on Spotify’s Community Forum.

Community members have indicated that they’ve tried to reset, uninstall, reinstall and update both apps, but they were still getting the error message.

Spotify said in the post that it has passed on the issues to the right team “who are currently looking into it.”

The music streaming giant indicated that users should check other threads regarding issues related to Spotify and Instagram Stories to make sure that all avenues related to trying to fix the issue have been looked into.

“If you’re sure your issue isn’t one of those mentioned…could you provide us with the following info if you haven’t already? We’ll make sure to pass it on to the right team,” Spotify wrote in the post. It added that users should include their device and OS version, exact Spotify version, exact Instagram version, and a screenshot showing the error.

This issue isn’t a problem for those using Android devices.

Source: Spotify