Google announces 2019 Material Design Award winners

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Every year, Google’s Material Design Awards honour apps that it feels use its design language well.

Now, Google has revealed the recipients of the 2019 awards, which are relatively known apps. This year, apps were judged based on ‘Experience,’ ‘Innovation,’ ‘Theming,’ and ‘Universality.’

Experience — Scripts

Scripts helps people learn how to write in other languages through diagrams of the alphabet. The app employs haptic feedback to let users know when they’re doing well.

Google praised the app for its “clever use of touchscreen capabilities,” “well-designed system of gradients” and “consistent typography” across all supported languages.

Innovation — Reflectly

Reflectly aims to reduce stress by having users journal through a conversational, AI-powered experience.

Google says the app features smooth transitions alongside a “warm, approachable tone [to] its questions” and an interface “full of artfully executed motion choreography.

Theming — Ruff

According to Google, the Ruff app is a very useful way to leave notes for yourself.

The tech giant specifically noted that the app a very simple and customizable aesthetic that uses colour to signify function.

Universality — Trip.com

While there are many travel booking apps, Google has singled out the Trip.com app for a simple-yet-smart design that stays consistent across 19 languages. The app is “a thoughtful and inclusive design tailored to the needs of a wide range of users,” says Google.

Source: Google Via: Android Authority 


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