Google made ‘substantial’ contributions to climate deniers: report

The tech giant has contributed to more than a dozen climate-denying organizations


Google has reportedly made “substantial” contributions to a number of organizations that deny climate change, according to a recent report from The Guardian.

More than a dozen organizations that the tech giant has listed as beneficiaries have campaigned against climate legislation or have lobbied for the removal of Obama-era environmental regulations.

One of the organizations is the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), which is a policy group that was essential in convincing the Trump government to abandon the Paris environmental agreement. The CEI has also criticized the current American government for not getting rid of more environmental rules.

The tech giant is also sponsoring the State Policy Network, which is an organization that supports anti-science groups.

Google has said that just because it collaborates with organizations like CEI, “does not mean we endorse the organizations’ entire agenda.”

People close to the company have said that Google donates to these organizations to influence conservative lawmakers and to help finance the agenda that these groups support, according to the report.

The company did not disclose to The Guardian how much it has contributed to these organizations.

Source: The Guardian