Google inviting Pixel’s biggest fans to a ‘special event’ in Mountain View

Attendees will get to experience the Pixel 4, meet the team behind it and 'impact [the] next generation of products.'

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It looks like Google may be hosting an event for the biggest Pixel fans out there and giving them a chance to impact the “next generation.”

Some people received email invites to a “special Pixel event” at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. The event will take place on October 21st, and those invited need to confirm attendance by the 17th.

The email thanks recipients for being “Pixel’s biggest fans.” It appears emails are going out to those who have purchased all the Pixel devices through the Google Store, but it isn’t clear what criteria you need to meet to be part of the group.

Further, the invitation says attendees will “experience the new Pixel 4, meet the people behind it and help impact [Google’s] next generation of products.”

Likely, that means attendees will get a chance to share feedback with the Pixel team.

The event will run from 9am to 2pm and includes breakfast and lunch.

It’s not clear if the invites are going out internationally. However, it’s probably a lot to ask for Canadians — or people from other countries — to fly to California just for an event like this.

While not all the Pixel fans will get to attend, hopefully those that do will share some important and insightful feedback with the team to make the next generation of Pixel devices even better.

Source: 9to5Google