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Few tools are as powerful as MySQL when it comes to managing mountains of data to discover valuable insights. Whether you work in the sales department for a large corporation, or if you run a business of your own, data rules the way businesses operate, so learning how to use MySQL is crucial to your success. That’s why we’re offering this MySQL bootcamp today for 20% off.

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp is a comprehensive guide to the ins and outs of SQL syntax. You’ll learn how to use aggressive functions, logical operators, and string functions to analyze large datasets, which will help you gather the insights needed to solve complex business problems. This bootcamp contains dozens of exercises, challenges, and projects to get you up to speed with SQL and help you apply your new skills to real-world challenges. Finally, this course will also cover how to use Javascript to generate your own fake data sets. 

A well-informed company knows how to use data to make smart decisions, MySQL will help you analyze this data effectively. The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp is on sale today for $15.98 CAD [$11.99 USD], but you can get an additional 20% off using offer code 20LEARN20.

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The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp – $11.99

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