OnePlus pokes fun at Google’s Pixel 4 screen refresh rate issues

The company quickly pulled the tweet from Twitter after it went up

Google has been having issues with its 90Hz display refresh rate and OnePlus wasted no time poking fun at the tech giant on Twitter.

In an already deleted tweet, OnePlus said,

  • “10% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 20% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 30% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 40% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 50% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 60% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 70% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 80% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 90% brightness: 90 Hz
  • 100% brightness: 90 Hz

Fast and Smooth anytime, anywhere.”

This tweet is in reference to the issue where the new Pixel 4 series of devices has a 90Hz display, but it clocks down to 60Hz when the screen’s brightness drops below 75 percent. Google has said that it’s working on a fix for the issue.

As funny as the tweet from OnePlus is, the company ended up pulling it. Android Authority theorizes it’s because the company’s phones don’t actually run at 90Hz all the time either.

The publication noticed that just like the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, OnePlus devices that support the high refresh rate also have a toggle to force 90Hz all the time.

That said, Android Authority noticed that the OnePlus 7T was able to hold 90Hz across all brightness settings, but not all apps on the phone run at 90Hz.

Source: Android Authority