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The world’s most successful entrepreneurs and executives stay on top of their game because they’re constantly exposed to new ideas, and there’s no better way to absorb this information than through reading. But if you’re wondering how you’re going to set aside time to read every day, you’re not alone, which is why Readitfor.me will do the heavy lifting for you for $26.

Readitfor.me is a library featuring over 300 high-quality summaries on popular business books, including bestsellers such as To Sell is Human and Leaders Eat Last. You can finish each of these summaries within 12 minutes, allowing you to cover topics ranging from productivity to management much faster than traditional reading. On top of that, Readitfor.me adds around 100 new book summaries each year, so you’ll never run out fresh, new perspectives. 

You won’t grow as an entrepreneur unless you immerse yourself in cutting-edge ideas. With Readitfor.me, you’ll gain the exposure you need to grow with hundreds of bite-sized book summaries. You can sign up for 1 year of Readitfor.me for $26.32 CAD [$19.99 USD], or 76% off.

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