Huawei P40 series will reportedly launch globally

It's unclear how Huawei would sell the P40 globally

Even though Huawei’s Mate 30 series isn’t available around the world, the China-based company’s P40 series will reportedly launch globally.

According to The Information Huawei will release the P40 series in early 2020 to a global audience.

It’s unclear how Huawei would launch the handset globally considering the U.S. ban placed on it.

Earlier this year Trump placed Huawei on an entity list preventing all U.S. companies from working with the phone makers. Due to blockage, Huawei is unable to work with Google; therefore, the company’s handsets lack Google Play Services and run a very barebones version of Android.

 Android Authority suggests a few possible theories.

Huawei may have some insider knowledge and know ahead of time that the U.S. ban will lift by the launch of the P40 series, however, that seems unlikely, especially considering the lack of rumours.

Another theory is that the device could be so similar to the P30 and P30 Pro, with similar internals. If Huawei did this it wouldn’t require a new Google Mobile Services license and therefore could use Google Play Services.

However, that would mean that Huawei’s P40 would have outdated internals.

Huawei may even launch it with its own mobile services, however, that seems unlikely considering how dominated the market is with Android and iOS around the world. Currently, Huawei sells the Mate 30 series in China with the Huawei Mobile Services.

It’s very unclear what Huawei has up its sleeves, but hopefully, the devices come here.

Source: The Information, Via: Android Authority