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Everybody’s looking for the best VPN. Or the fastest VPN. Thankfully, the surge in truly top-flight Virtual Private Network connections has created a boomtime for shoppers looking to secure a service that will always leave them protected online.

VPN.asia is a surprisingly named service (they’re actually based in Belize) that’s carved out a real niche for itself in the VPN market with its combination of fast speeds, robust security measures and its wallet-friendly price. Right now, you can lock in a real deal on a lifetime of VPN.asia protection for a one-time $49 USD, $64.02 CAD price.

With more than 40 servers scattered across over 30 countries, you’ve got loads of anonymous options for surfing the web and cloaking your activities, while still enjoying top connection speeds.

VPN.asia servers are optimized for P2P file sharing, so torrenting is handled with complete security and absolute privacy. Meanwhile, that network of server locations allows you to view international content unblocked from almost anywhere.

Of course, a VPN is no more valuable than its security measures, which is why VPN.asia employs full AES-256 data encryption and SHA-256 hash authentication. Back with that level of protection, your online movements will never be tracked by hackers or cyberthieves, all while delivering premium speeds that don’t compromise your coverage.

Enjoy VPN.asia protection simultaneously on up to five devices right now with this limited time deal, a lifetime of coverage (a $1,296 value) for only $49 USD, $64.02 CAD

Prices are subject to change.

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VPN.asia Lifetime Subscription – $49

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