Fido is offering select customers $65/20GB in Quebec

Let us know if you've received the same offering from Fido

Select Fido customers in Quebec are reportedly receiving a surprisingly good exclusive offering.

In an e-mail sent to MobileSyrup, we learned that a customer received an offer from the Rogers’ sub-brand that allowed them to select between 15GB for $60 per month or 20GB for $65 per month.

Both plans also offered Unlimited Canadawide minutes and unlimited text, picture, video messages from Canada to U.S. and International mobile numbers.

While Quebec deals are typically better than what’s offered in provinces like Ontario, this is still a good deal. In fact, Fido in Quebec is offering 10GB for $65 per month with the first month free on its website. 20GB for $65 per month is evidently a much better offering, even with the first month for free.

It’s unclear how widespread this deal is, or how many customers have received this offer, so we’ve reached out to Fido to learn more.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve also received a similar offer from the Montreal-based carrier.

Thanks Jonathan