Amazon to remove products that claim to kill the coronavirus

There are dozens of cleaning products that claim to 'kill the coronavirus'

Amazon is removing listings for products that claim to prevent and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The online retailer notified third-party merchants that it is going to remove listings that claim to treat or cure the coronavirus, as reported by CNBC.

Amazon has also noted that some companies are selling books that are elevating fears about the virus. Interestingly, there has also been an increase of Vitamin C products being sold due to false claims that it can cure the virus.

The retailer is now cracking down on any product that mentions the coronavirus on its marketplace. For instance, Amazon notified a company that it was going to remove its listings for surgical face masks because it included “unapproved medical marketing claims” in the description.

Although Amazon is attempting to stop the problem, there are still several items listed on its marketplace that claim to kill the virus.

A quick search on Amazon Canada displays numerous products, including one called ‘Zep Antibacterial Disinfectant Cleaner’ that claims to “kill Human Coronavirus.” There are several other similar listings.

This comes as concerns of the virus are becoming more widespread, as it has infected more than 78,000 people worldwide, including nine in Canada.

Source: CNBC