Apple granted patent for tool that could generate synthetic group selfies

Apple filed for the patent in 2018

Apple logo on iPhone

Apple has been granted a patent for a software that could create synthetic group selfies, as first spotted by Patently Apple

This software could be used as a way to take photos with friends and family while maintaining distance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The patent notes that the software would allow users to invite others to take a group selfie. The invite that is sent to others would say something like: “Ben Berliner has invited you to participate in a group self photo.” Recipients of the invite could then either accept or decline the invitation.

The images used to create the synthetic group selfie could be still photos, stored video images or live streaming images. The software would then combine the different photos into a single one.

Next, the people in the image could modify the selfie in different ways, such as changing their position in the image.

It’s important to note that although this software would be perfect for the current pandemic, Apple filed for the patent in 2018 and was just recently granted it. This shows that Apple didn’t intend for this software to be used in today’s world, but it would be an excellent tool for the current circumstances.

However, as with any other patent, it’s unknown when or if Apple will ever use this software for a new feature.

Image credit: Patently Apple

Source: Patently Apple, The Verge