Koodo offering some subscribers $65/12GB and $75/20GB plans

If you have an ageing phone this deal might be worthwhile

In an effort to sway subscribers to buy a new phone, Koodo is sending out a batch of deals with tempting data buckets to some subscribers.

I’m currently a Koodo subscriber with a $65/12GB plan, but I’m not on a ‘Tab’ contract, so I don’t pay any monthly fee for my phone.

The plans the carrier sent to me are as follows:

  • $65 — 12GB
  • $70 — 15GB
  • $75 — 20GB

Notably, the $75 plan says, “This is a special plan just for you!,” while the other two plans don’t mention this. All three also come with unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited texting and the usual assortment of call display, conference calls, voicemail and more.

The other hitch with these plans is that you need to upgrade to a new phone to take advantage of them. If you wanted to stay as a ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) customer, these plans aren’t available.

All that said, your mileage might vary. If you’re a Koodo subscriber, you should be able to view these offers by clicking on the ‘star with a smile’ icon on the top right of the carrier’s webpage. You’ll also need to log into your account to see the deals.