Google adding ‘hotword sensitivity’ and ‘Voice Match’ to more devices

The preferred speaker addition is coming, too

Lenovo Smart Display 7

After rolling out ‘hotword sensitivity’ and ‘Voice Match’ to Google and Nest branded products, Google is slowly starting to support more third-party speakers and smart displays.

There’s no real timeline for these features, and some of your devices might already have them. For example, my JBL Link View smart display appears to have both the updates already.

You can find the settings in the Google Home app by tapping on a smart device and then selecting the gear in the top right.

Hotword sensitivity adjusts how far away or loud you need to be for Google to hear you. This seems like a weird update, but if you’ve ever triggered two Google Assistants at once in multiple rooms, you know why it’s essential.

Voice Match is something that Google has had for a long time, but recent updates have made it even better. With this setting, the speaker can tell the difference between people who are talking to it and then provide personalized results.

The final update that appears to be rolling out is something called ‘Preferred speakers.” This little setting lets you talk to a Google Assistant-enabled speaker.

Source: Google