iPadOS 14 adds new Apple Pencil features and better search

iPadOS continues to evolve

iPadOS 14

Apple is doubling down on iPadOS this year by making most apps easier to use on larger iPad screens.

For example, the company is adding a sidebar to tons of apps that make them function a little more like they would on a desktop computer. Files, Photos and Notes are all taking advantage of this useful in-app navigation menu.

The new Siri design from iOS 14 is also coming to iPadOS 14, but instead of being centred, the bubble is tucked in the bottom corner. Many other apps that used to block out the full screen, like incoming calls, for example, will also be condensed to a smaller notification, making multitasking easier.

iPadOS 14

Apple has also combined the old iPad ‘Universal Search’ with the powerful search bar from macOS. This looks super useful and should help the iPad work a lot more like a regular computer.

Apple is also making the Apple Pencil better by allowing users to write in any text field. This means if you’re searching for something, you can use the pencil to write in the Google Search bar and it will automatically be converted to text. This feature can also automatically notice phone numbers and addresses so you can tap and hold to make a quick call or get speedy Apple Maps directions.

Another improvement will let you draw straight lines and shapes by holding your pencil down at the end of your drawing. If your line is a bit squiggly, iPadOS now automatically straightens it.

Beyond these iPadOS updates, users will also get most of iOS 14’s new features, including widgets.