Opera update adds Twitter integration to browser’s sidebar

With a click, you can quickly access Twitter without leaving your current page

An updated version of the Norway-based Opera browser is rolling out with an exciting new addition: built-in Twitter.

The latest update follows a successful Opera update from earlier this year, which added Instagram into the browser. Opera says that after launching its Instagram feature, it saw a record desktop user base of 73 million unique monthly active users in March 2020.

For those unfamiliar with Opera, the browser features a unique sidebar with helpful tools. For example, the sidebar includes access to common features like bookmarks and history as well as Opera’s ‘Workspaces’ feature that lets users create different spaces for their browsing like a ‘Work’ group and ‘Personal’ group.

Opera’s sidebar has long included the ability to pin certain web apps for easy access. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, for example, can be accessed like little mini-windows that display over the current webpage. Now, Twitter can be accessed from the sidebar as well.

Further, by adding Twitter to the sidebar, users will have faster access to the social network. It’ll be easier than ever to quickly pull up Twitter, check what’s going on, and get back to work. I can also see this addition being useful for me since I often have Twitter open while I work anyway. Being able to pin it to the side of my browser while I work would be quite helpful.

Since Opera integrates the full Twitter web experience, users will be able to access trending topics, direct messages, lists and more.

Opera version 69 will feature the Twitter integration and will start rolling out to desktop users for free. If you don’t use Opera already, you can download it for free from Opera’s website and try it out.