New Google Photos design rolling out to users now

You'll need the latest version of Google Photos and a bit of luck to get the new look

Google’s recently unveiled redesign of its popular Photos app is now arriving on many users’ devices.

Although the redesign doesn’t look significantly different from the previous app, it does streamline several parts of the interface and packs in helpful new features such as a map view to see where you’ve taken photos, a more significant focus on the ‘Memories’ feature and more. You can learn all about what’s new here.

The update appears to be tied to Google Photos ‘version,’ which you can grab from the Play Store if you don’t have it already. However, it appears to me that there’s also a server-side element since I got this update shortly after Google announced the redesign.

At the time, it only changed the Photos icon, leaving the rest of the app the same. However, as of this morning, Photos sports the new look on all my devices with that version of Photos, no Play Store updates required.

Unfortunately, as with all Google apps, your mileage may vary. If you have the new Google Photos version but not the new look, you may just have to wait for the server-side component to go live for you. However, if you’re still on the old Photos, head to the Play Store to check for updates or, if you know what you’re doing, download the Photos APK from a third-party source and install it that way. There’s a good chance you’ll get the new look after that.

Source: Android Police