Google rolls out limited Assistant functionality to Stadia on TV

It doesn't offer any gaming-specific support, though

Google Stadia Red Dead Redemption 2

Google Stadia now supports Assistant on Stadia on TVs via Google Chromecast.

Assistant has been available on TVs in early access since December, but this marks a rollout to all players.

Otherwise, it functions exactly as it did then, allowing players to get responses to basic questions related to weather, time and more. It’s important to note that Assistant on Stadia still isn’t capable of detecting what game you’re playing and offering any relevant information accordingly. Further, Assistant is still not supported in any capacity on Stadia on mobile or desktop.

When Stadia was revealed in March 2019, Google touted the Stadia controller’s built-in Assistant functionality as one of the streaming service’s standout features. With Assistant, Stadia said players would be able to receive instant support for whichever game they’re playing, such as tips on how to beat a particular level.

However, Stadia launched in November 2019, and Assistant has yet to roll out to the platform with that full functionality that Google promised.

Source: Google Via: Android Police