Amazon Prime Day might be set for the week of October 5

Prime Day 2020

It appears Amazon is pushing back its annual Prime Day sale until early October.

The news comes from a leaked email, according to a CNBC report. The online retail giant is likely using the week of October 5th as a placeholder for Prime Day as it worries the second COVID-19 wave will affect its day-to-day operations.

The leaked email is from Amazon to third-party sellers, and it mentions that the date could change. The date will likely only move further back, depending on how much longer the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues. If you’ve been paying attention to how the coronavirus is affecting the U.S., I wouldn’t hold your breath for Prime Day anytime soon.

The email even uses the wording “place holder date,” according to CNBCso this seems like a very tepid move on Amazon’s part. Amazon is likely just trying to give companies a heads up so they can work on marketing materials and other businesses related to the sales event.

Amazon generally holds Prime Day in mid-July. The event has evolved into a week of sales and other tie-ins like Amazon Music sponsored concerts that play on Prime Video.

Amazon has reportedly pushed back Prime Day several times due to COVID-19. Therefore, it’s likely hoping that October will be far enough removed from the peak of the pandemic that it will, at the very least, be able to operate close to its standard capacity. This is crucial for the company since Prime Day drives massive sales on its website, meaning that its distribution centers and other companies that sell on the site need to be prepared for a busy week.

Source: Amazon Canada