Amazon Prime Video app for Windows 10 now available in Canada

Fans of Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service can now enjoy it through the official Windows 10 app on their desktop, laptop or tablet.

The Prime Video app for Windows 10 is now available both in Canada and worldwide. It’s a free download from the Microsoft Store.

While you may wonder about needing a Prime Video app on Windows, using it does come with some benefits. Namely, those with the Prime Video app can save content for offline viewing as well as stream it while connected to the internet.

Additionally, the Prime Video app supports search functionality and in-app transactions. Amazon says the online streaming experience will be the same as what’s available on the Prime Video website.

Prime Video is available free alongside an Amazon Prime subscription, which costs $79 CAD per year or $7.99 per month in Canada.

Those interested can download the Prime Video for Windows 10 app here.

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