The average cost of charging an EV in Canada is $277 per year: report

Canada has some of the cheapest EV charging around

A new report from Uswitch states that the average cost of charging an electric vehicle in Canada is around $277.19 CAD per year.

Uswitch’s team looked at the average price per kWh in 50 different countries, the average mileage per driver, and the average miles EVs get on a full charge to determine this statistic.

Using this method, Canada is one of the less expensive countries to own an EV in since our electricity is relatively cheap in some parts of the country. The most expensive countries to charge an EV in are Denmark ($831 CAD), Germany ($705) and Belgium ($680) per year.

Some notable countries that have cheaper charging than Canada are China, India and South Africa. You can look at the whole list here, but take note that it’s the last chart on the page.

This data is interesting since it shows how much money drivers can save by moving away from gas-powered cars. I know my little Jetta costs around $60 to fill up, and that I need to do that roughly once a month. This means that I pay more to power my car in probably four months than the average EV owner pays in a year, according to this report.

Source: Uswitch