Google Calendar updates bring improved event editor pop-up to the web

The updated Google Calendar web interface also offers improved print options

Google Calendar is getting some new features on the desktop web app that will make it even easier to add events and print out your calendar.

The search giant posted two updates to the G Suite blog detailing what’s new in Calendar for the web. First up, the pop-up tool for adding events now features more robust tools. Calendar users can now quickly select which calendar and colour they want to use when adding an event.

For me, that’s a considerable improvement. Since I often manage work and personal Google Calendars, having to click ‘More options’ and open the full event editor just to change the event colour is a pain. This update should streamline that process.

Users can also adjust their availability from the new event pop-up, change the default visibility and add a notification. Further, the pop-up lets you add descriptions and attachments, manage guest permissions and more.

The ‘Find a time’ feature will now overlay potential guests’ calendars, making it easier to find a time that works for everyone.

Google has also improved the agenda printing options for those who like having a physical copy of their calendar. Now, when users hit ‘Ctrl+P’ or ‘Cmd+P,’ Google Calendar should display a new drop-down selector with an option to print your schedule in full colour. Previously, Calendar users could only print in black and white.

Google added a new ‘View’ option that lets people choose to print one day or one week per sheet.

Ultimately, neither of these changes are particularly significant, but they should improve the experience of Google Calendar for some users. The new features are already available for multiple users and will continue rolling out over the next couple of days.

Source: Google (1), (2) Via: Android Police