Spotify launches two podcast charts in Canada

This includes 'Top Podcasts' and 'Trending Podcast' lists

Spotify is diving a little deeper into the world of podcasts with some new charts to showcase trending and popular shows.

The two new playlists that are beginning to appear on the mobile version of the app are ‘Top Podcasts’ and ‘ Trending Podcasts.’

These lists won’t be the same for everyone. Depending on your region, you may see different Podcasts in the lists since it’s based on what’s popular in your area.

Both of these charts should help people discover new shows that are worth listening to since it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the massive number of shows out there.

In some regions, excluding Canada, Spotify even breaks down the top podcasts by category. However, Canadians can gain access to these lists by tapping on the small ‘Podcasts charts by country’ flag below the Podcasts charts and selecting ‘U.S.’

If you’re interested in checking out the Canadian charts or any other regions,’ tap on the ‘Search’ button in the Spotify app and choosing ‘Podcasts,’ then ‘Podcast charts.’

Overall, this is likely a welcome change of many people who use Spotify for both music and podcasts. Still, I wonder if the app is going to add these lists to the ‘Home’ page any time soon because right now they’re buried within the app, so most users will likely miss out.

Source: Spotify